Apartment SEO and LCP Media are excited to announce our recent partnership for bringing together the best rich media experience and ongoing management to the newest Google Ads Campaign type, Performance MAX (PMAX). Google is delivering another stellar product utilizing all its core paid assets, including Search, Display, Discovery, YouTube, Gmail, and Local, all rolled into one AI-driven campaign. Let our teams help your communities thrive online to take advantage of every opportunity to convert more leads into leases!

Vector of Google, Youtube, Gmail, and other Google serves connected

  • Unlock new audiences across Google’s channels and networks
  • Drive better performance against your goals
  • Steer automation with campaign inputs
  • Deliver a more rich media experience
  • Get more qualified leads at lowers costs

luxury kitchen with hanging lights, island, and modern appliances

luxury interior, large wooden table down the middle

modern decorated bedrooom

luxury kitchen showcasing breakfast bar, cabinets and stainless steel appliances

By working together to first create best-in-class photos and videos from LCP Media’s innovative TourBuilder Clips, we are ensuring a strong launch to your Google Ads Performance Max (PMAX) campaign. Then by allowing Apartment SEO to build and manage these campaigns and monitor your performance, we can bring in the most qualified traffic to your communities.

To learn more about Apartment SEO’s and LCP Media’s latest partnerships and offers, submit your details below for a full demo on how your communities can get started today!