Just as your industry is ever-changing and evolving, the marketing world around it also grows! It is always best to be ahead of the game and know what to expect from the environment around you. Although it can be hard to say with certainty exactly what this year will entail in the SEO world, we do have a few predictions that, whether or not they end up coming true, will help you thrive in the long run. 


Quality over Quantity

Consistently posting content has always played a large role in SEO; however, it seems that this year, Google would like to see higher quality content rather than a larger quantity. The best content will ultimately win in the long run. So, rather than trying to knock out multiple, mediocre-quality content pieces, focus on writing something informative and relevant. 


Create a Better User Experience

When it comes to the value you bring clients, it should be considered from initial interaction through the entire process. Consider technical best practices and how you can implement them on your own site. The faster a client can reach your information and answers, the higher the value they will hold you too, and the higher ranking you can expect from Google. 


Mobile SEO

Although the shift towards mobile sites has been a trend for a few years, it is now more important than ever to ensure that you are mobile-friendly. Nowadays desktop is mainly used for work whereas phones are consistently used for all searches, giving it a wider range of opportunities to be utilized. 


Link and Brand Building

This year, it is recommended to focus on three types of journalistic writing: planned editorial, planned reactive editorial, and reactive editorial. So, create content that your viewers actually want to see, not just keyword packed content. Although link building is extremely important, no one is going to share those links if the content isn’t something of interest. 

With 2020 well underway, be sure to stay up to date on SEO trends that can impact your marketing. Or, hire a marketing agency that you can trust to do the research for you and keep your brand ahead of the game.