Multifamily Real Estate And Digital Trends

  1. Home Sales Up
    • Average Home Sales are still up from 2019 to the present in major metropolitan areas. -Zonda
    • Medium Monthly Payment by Interest Rate – Keeps increasing, making buying less attainable for avg. American. -Zonda
  2. Build to Rent Up
    • There are 44,700 build-to-rent houses under
      construction — triple the number of new homes
      completed in 2022. -RentCafe
    • Phoenix, Dallas, and Atlanta are the top three
      metros that added the most single-family BTR
      homes in the last five years. -RentCafe
  3. Occupancy Rent Growth
    • National Occupancy at 95%
    • IE at 96.1% – LA at 96.5%
    • OC at 96.7% – SD at 97%
    • San Fran/Oakland at 96%
    • 2024 Rent Growth forecasted under 1% -GlobeStreet
  4. New Construction
    • Multifamily Starts will drop further in the 2nd half of
      2023, and could end the year with around ~50% of the
      starts we saw in 2022. -Jay Parsons/RealPage
    • Increased supply between Hotel/Commercial
      conversions with multifamily communities will drive the supply
  5. Interests Rates Up
    • Current interest rates sit at 6.78%. -St Louis Fed
    • Lowest interest rates at 2.65% in 2021. -St Louis Fed
    • Forced Buyers of Real Estate (Marriage, Divorce,
      Death, Empty Nester, Family Expansion, Relocating and
      Retirement. -Zonda)
  6. Google Clicks Up
    • Mobile Clicks Up +9%
    • Overall Clicks Up +5%
    • PC Down -9%
    • Cost of quality Clicks/Conversions rising
    • More competition on Google’s (SERPs) Search engine results pages
    • For full Google Apartment Rentals Pres. contact
  7. Google’s SGE
    • Google’s Search-Generative Experience
    • Google still working out bugs in UX
    • Remember EEAT (Experience, Expertise,
      Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness)
    • Entity Search
  8. Bing’s AI Engine Search
    • ChatGPT has helped Microsoft’s Bing search
      engine reaches 100+ million daily active users
    • Top AI Search Engine as of now
  9. Overall Market Sentiment Outlook
    • Mortgage interest rates trend lower, closer to 5%
    • BTR continues to thrive and build more rental housing
    • Home builders have an advantage in the current economic
    • Real Estate/Multifamily prices continue to rise


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