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Experience the Power of ONE+ for Streamlined Marketing, Efficiency, and Results

iLeaseBot™ takes your digital marketing strategy to new heights, combining all the essential features of AdzManager™ with advanced tools and capabilities. Experience streamlined marketing, increased efficiency, and elevated results with AdzManager™’s social media planner, automated workflows, and more.

By upgrading to iLeaseBot™, you’ll unlock the full potential of your digital marketing efforts and drive growth for your business.

iLeaseBot™ Highlights

Everything in AdzManager™

Enjoy all the core features of AdzManager™, including a website, CRM, reputation tools, chat, and payment collection.

Social Media Planner

Comprehensive social media planner, designed to help you boosting your online presence and engagement.

Automated Workflows

Enhance efficiency and optimize your business processes with AdzManager™'s powerful automated workflows.

Introducing iZone ONE

Features & Benefits

Unlock the power of iLeaseBot™ and elevate your digital marketing strategy. Our advanced suite of tools and features brings you streamlined marketing, increased efficiency, and elevated results. Discover the benefits of upgrading to iLeaseBot™:

Everything in AdzManager™

Access all the essential features of AdzManager™, such as a user-friendly WordPress website, comprehensive CRM, and reputation management tools, to build a strong foundation for your digital marketing efforts.

Social Media Planner

Boost your online presence and audience engagement with our comprehensive social media planner, designed to simplify content planning, scheduling, and monitoring across various platforms.

Automated Workflows

Save time and resources by automating your business processes with AdzManager™'s advanced workflows, ensuring consistent, high-quality results while freeing up time for your core business activities.

Advanced Ad Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your advertising campaigns with our advanced ad reporting feature, helping you optimize performance and maximize ROI.

Shared Calendars with Client Scheduling App

Improve customer experience and streamline your appointment booking process with our integrated calendar and scheduling app.

Email Marketing Tool & Marketing Funnel Builder

Drive customer engagement and conversion with our email marketing tool and funnel builder, guiding your user from initial interest to customers.

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Why Choose iLeaseBot™?

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