The days of editing tweets due to exceeding the character limit are over. Twitter has recently expanded their character count from 140 to 280, allowing users to be more expressive while still being able to keep their tweets brief. This change may seem small, but the impact on your property’s Twitter profile is huge. So how does this change affect you?

Tweeting is Easier

There is nothing worse than having the perfect tweet and running out of room to attach a photo, a link or tagging a resident. With this latest feature, you can add more context to your tweet with a screenshot or video while engaging with residents AND spend less time editing your tweets!

Detailed Responses

Residents have a lot of questions and sometimes, short replies can be a challenge (responses can often come across as unhelpful or even worse, rude! ) Thankfully, the new 280-character count allows you to provide more details while simultaneously keeping the conversation brief and amiable.

Memorable Tweets

Being found on Twitter by residents is now easier. By being able to have all the critical components of a tweet (text, images, etc) paired with interesting content and relevant hashtags, residents will find your Twitter effortlessly and more importantly, will want to follow you!

Increased Reach

A concisely crafted tweet with visuals and hashtags will always yield better results than a plain, text tweet. Tweeting with a purpose will increase your community’s exposure to both visibility and engagement. It’s win-win.

Easier to Interact

According to Twitter, people having more room to tweet translates into getting more likes, retweets, mentions and more followers. More of everything with no downside? Yes, please!

Still not sure how to utilize these changes to help build your property’s social media presence? The social media mavens at Apartment SEO can help. Contact us to learn more about how we can help launch or enhance your current social media strategy.