At Google’s annual conference for marketers, some notable trends emerged that we’re keeping a close eye on for you. At the forefront – one campaign with multiple channels, which for the apartment industry is a good thing as it’s streamlined, efficient, and helps put your community in front of your prospective resident. Here are some trends from Google Marketing Live 2019:

  • App campaigns can now run on YouTube on both on the YouTube home feed and the in-stream video. This is in addition to Google Search, GDN, YouTube, AdMob and Google Play. So for those of you doing video campaigns to showcase your properties, this will increase your exposure.
  • New inventory opportunities were announced for local campaigns that “run across Search, YouTube, Maps and GDN.” Again, more exposure for your properties. 
  • Discovery campaigns, a new product, is launching this year! Google announced, “In a recent Google / Ipsos study, we saw that 76 percent of consumers enjoy making unexpected discoveries when shopping. And 85 percent of consumers will take a product-related action within 24 hours of discovering a product: reading reviews, comparing prices or purchasing the product—sometimes all at once! Today, we’re introducing Discovery ads. Rolling out to all advertisers globally later this year, Discovery ads are a new way to reach people across Google properties in the moments when they’re open to discovering your products and services.” We like the statistic of consumers taking action within 24 hours of reading a review and comparing prices!
  • The automated campaign, Smart Shopping, launched in 2018 and includes Shopping ads that run across the Google Search Network, Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail. These automated campaigns rank higher in priority over the standard Shopping and display remarketing ads. 
  • Showcase Shopping ads are multi-image campaigns that will soon extend to Google Images, YouTube, and Google Discover. So all those curb-appeal and interior design photos that you’ve invested in will soon have the limelight they deserve!
  • Gallery ads were announced as “a new search ads format that brings more of your content to the Search results page. By combining search intent with a more interactive visual format, gallery ads make it easier for you to communicate what your brand has to offer. We’ve found that, on average, ad groups including one or more gallery ad have up to 25 percent more interactions—paid clicks or swipes—at the absolute top of the mobile Search results page.” As apartment marketers, the increased opportunity to rank at the top of a mobile Search results page is paramount to your success and we couldn’t be more excited! 

At Apartment SEO, we’re always on the lookout for the marketing trends that impact you and your communities the most! Did you hear about anything at Google Marketing Live 2019 that you’re excited about?

-Your Friends at Apartment SEO