In recent weeks, we have discovered that our new normal simply involves a lot of staying at home… and we mean a lot! So, in times like these, we must live somewhere that we love. As a property manager, there isn’t too much that we can do to change the unfortunate circumstances that we are in; however, we can do our best to control the few things that we can. So, the best thing that you can do is create an environment for your residents where they want to stay home. 


Go Above and Beyond

Do what you can to make your residents happy. There are many small things that you can do that will add up in the eyes of your tenants, such as goody bags with hand sanitizer and toilet paper, pizza delivery, or even a virtual movie night. Now more than ever, your residents need you to go exceed expectations. 


Be Understanding About Rent

We get it; you rely on rent payments to make your property succeed, but tenants also rely on their jobs to pay the rent, and they may have been laid off under the circumstances. See what you can do to help tenants not have to worry about their rent. Perhaps this month, you can offer an extension on your deadline or waive late fees. By being understanding, your tenants will be happy to call your community home. 


Respond to Work Orders Quickly

If there is an issue at your apartment, tenants are less likely to stay home. Who wants to be stuck indoors if the AC unit is out or there is a leak in the bathroom? By responding to work orders quickly, you can keep your residents happy and healthy while at home. 


Listen to Suggestions

It is essential that your tenants feel like their voices are heard. Listen to suggestions and see if they can be implemented. Right now, people have a lot of time to think, and perhaps they may come up with some great ideas that you never thought of. Set up an email suggestion box and comb through it daily. Even if an idea is not feasible, your residents will be happy to receive a response and acknowledgment. 


Strengthen your community today by coming together – metaphorically. The more you can do to keep your residents happy at home, the more likely they are to stay there during these times. Have any other suggestions on ways to make your apartment community a happy home? Share them with us in the comments below.