The Road to Reopening Your Leasing Office

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The Road to Reopen Your Leasing Office

As each state starts to reopen, your “new normal” will once again change. Instead of working from home, you may begin to transition back into the office. This shift may seem a little daunting after living in isolation for months, but don’t fret, your world won’t change overnight; in fact, it will most likely be a long and winding road to reopening. Here are some tips to help you navigate this transition.

Come Back at Your Own Pace

Change can be tough, especially this much change in a short period of time. Shifting back to full-time work at the office can feel like a lot, so ease back into it if possible. Perhaps work from the office three days a week to start, and slowly add days back. If your business hasn’t seen a drop in productivity with remote work, then there shouldn’t be too much of a rush to get back into the office. Plus, you don’t want to undo all the good that social distancing has done by rushing back to work too quickly. 


Bring Back Employees

Due to the pandemic, you most likely had to furlough some employees or cut vendor costs. As you transition back to opening up, start to bring employees back. Keep in mind that layoffs left people without health insurance, so bringing them back will allow those benefits to kick back in. Your vendors surely missed your business as well, so bring them back in if you have the means to do so. With all the uncertainty that came with this pandemic, it will be a relief for your employees and vendors to have their jobs back. 


Revisit Your Business Model

Your business plans surely changed over the last few months, and now is a valuable time to review your business model. Now that you see how quickly your world can change, it is essential to revisit your plans to ensure that should another unfortunate event occur, your business will be able to handle it. Don’t walk away from this pandemic with the same mindset as when it started. It is vital to prepare for the future and create a work environment that is both understanding towards residents and employees. Allow this experience to reshape the way you view the world and change your mindset for the better. 


So, as your local community begins to reopen, come back at your own pace, bring employees back safely, and revisit your business model. We will all be navigating this road to reopen together and have to help each other through this. Have any other advice? Share it in the comments below! 

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