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It seems like everyone has a blog these days, from big-name businesses to our neighbors down the hall – and for a good reason! Blogs are a great tool to help your company grow or just get your name out there. This excellent SEO tool is not only useful for your ranking, but it’s also an excellent way to exemplify your knowledge and expertise in the field, connect with your customers, and offer insight into your world. Keep reading to discover the benefits of blogging. 


SEO Perks

As you know, when it comes to SEO, a great way to boost your ranking is to have backlinks or other sites linking to yours; this shows Google that you are a trusted and reputable source that it can confidently place on the front page. So, when you start blogging and linking to your site, you are helping your ranking! Plus, you don’t want to overload your website with information not directly linked to your services, so your blog site is a great place to answer questions, talk about closely related topics, and even talk about the company’s background.


Exemplify Knowledge

You are the leader in your industry, and you can offer expert advice that others simply can’t. Share that information with your customers and clients through your blog. One great way to do this is to consider questions that you are frequently asked, like “What is there to do in this area?” or “How Can I Best Utilize the Small Space?” By getting ahead of these questions, prospects will come to you knowing that you are aware of their concerns and ready to help them. 


Connect With Customers

Unlike your website, which you want to keep neat, clean, and strictly professional, your blog is a chance to connect with customers and maybe share information that you typically wouldn’t. Perhaps you have a favorite local spot near your apartment community that wouldn’t necessarily belong on your informative website, but could do well on your blog site about the employee’s favorite local places. 


Offer Insight

Many people aren’t familiar with your jobs and duties as a property manager, so give them a glimpse into your world. The average renter has no idea what a leasing manager or property manager does on a daily basis other than collect rent, and your blog is a great place to share other duties and responsibilities. There might be some things that your prospects were unaware that you could help with, and now they will be more willing to go to you for help or advice. 


So now that you know the benefits of blogging, what are you waiting for? Start blogging today or ask us here at ASEO how you can add a blog to your package. 

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