Powering the Multifamily Industry with Marie Kaplan

Here at ASEO, we recently had the opportunity to talk with Marie Kaplan, founder of Next Level Property Solutions, a solar company powering the multifamily industry. As a leader in her industry, Marie saw an issue that needed addressing and founded a company that provided a solution. Keep reading to discover her answers to some […]

DIY Ways to Market Your Community While We Handle the Rest

With an industry leader like Apartment SEO handling your online presence, you may be sitting back, watching the magic happen, and wondering how you can do your part to help your community thrive. Well, there are many great ways to help us help you. Keep reading to find out more.   Encourage Engagement on Social […]

What Multifamily Means to Us

Multifamily is our world, and we love the industry we work in. This ever-changing and ever-growing community offers housing to families worldwide for a fair and affordable rate. Our company was founded by Ronn Ruiz, who invested over 20 years in the multifamily industry and Martin Canchola, who had eight years of experience on the […]

How Does Fair Housing Affect Your Marketing?

Whether you are a property management tycoon or simply looking to lease out your home, fair housing is an important aspect to consider during your marketing campaign. As you begin to promote your property, you may hear the term “fair-housing” being thrown around; but, do you completely understand the extent to which it affects you? […]

At Apartment SEO We’re Not a Team, We’re Family

When does a team become a family? It takes growing and learning together; it takes a village, our Apartment SEO (ASEO) village. That’s why we worked hard to travel from our offices for a few days to bring our team together and bridge the gap that distinguishes coworker and family member. A long-standing tradition, the […]

Measuring the Value of Social Media

A common challenge in the multifamily industry is recognizing the ROI that a social media strategy creates. In order to recognize a return on investment, there are four essential factors that need to be considered. Social Strategy Having a social strategy will dictate the effectiveness of your campaign. How exactly do you measure the success […]

Best Practices for Multifamily Social Media

The technological and social landscape of the multifamily industry today not only requires the use of social media marketing, but makes it a quintessential part of any thriving community.  Knowing how to use this set of tools effectively will not only enable you to maximize the effectiveness of your posts but also communicate the desired […]