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If you run a successful social media campaign, you know that you engage with residents more online than you do in person! With so much interactivity, engagement, and positivity across your favorite platforms, why not utilize this tool to run a social media contest? Keep reading to discover how you can run a social media contest in your multifamily housing community.


Share a Pic to Win

One of the most popular social media contests we see in the multifamily housing community is the “share a picture to win” contest. This simply entails giving your residents a theme, for example, Valentine’s Day, and having them create something on their door. Once they have it decorated to the nines, instruct them to share the picture on social media and tag the property in the caption. The resident with the best-decorated door or even the most likes will win a reward of your choice, whether it be a discount on next month’s rent or a gift card. We love this idea because it’s a great way to get your community pictures out there with resident shared content (also referred to as user-generated content)! 


Photo Caption Contest

A photo caption contest is one of the easiest social media contests to run! Simply find or take a picture and share it with a caption that says, “Caption this picture for a chance to win…” You will find that more people will engage with this type of contest since it requires the least amount of work while maintaining a high level of creativity. We even recommend taking a picture of your team doing something fun on the property and having the residents develop a caption for it. The more personalized to your community, the better. 


Tag a Friend

Let’s face it, people love tagging each other in posts, whether it’s simply relatable content or social media contests, plus it makes you feel special! To create a “tag a friend” contest, come up with something that will get the tags. For example, if your apartment community has a beautiful pool and cabana, create an image of this beautiful spot with text that says, “Tag the Person You Want to Relax By the Pool With!” Before you know it, you will have many comments with tags and emojis. You can even incentivize it by offering a reward to one randomly selected person that commented. Keep the prize on the theme; for example, if you stick with the pool post, you can offer a cute pool floaty or even a beach towel with your community logo on it. 


However you choose to tackle the social media contest, always make sure that it doesn’t violate the platform’s terms and conditions. Do your research ahead of time and always include disclaimers and your rules and regulations. Do you have any questions about social media contests? Ask away in the comments below. 


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