SEO in Other Words – Part Three

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Welcome back to our SEO in Other Words series! So, we’ve been talking about SEO in leasing terms to help you grasp this complicated concept. Last time, we discussed update frequency and user experience. Before that, we covered organic vs paid ads and secret shoppers. This time, we are taking a deeper dive into link backs and coding! 



As an apartment community, you most likely offer some type of referral bonus. Word of mouth goes a long way, right? So, if someone gets referred to your community it means that people are talking about how great your apartments are. No one would recommend a bad property to a friend. So, your residents are out there making these connections or links with other people and sharing their great experience. If someone has ten friends saying how great a certain property is, they are definitely going to trust it! 


Now, let’s consider this concept in SEO terms! The amount of websites linking back to your site is an important metric to Google. If your website link gets shared across social media, blog content, and referral sites, it will be ranked higher accordingly. This is why it is critically important to create content that is engaging and shareable. Let’s say you write an impactful blog with your website link in the content, each time this blog is shared on social media and other channels, you earn another link back to your site! And just like that, you’ve created a digital referral system for your website. 



When your apartment community is being built, you want to ensure that it is created with a solid foundation! Every single beam, bar, and brick matters, and nothing can be out of place. You can’t possibly build a great community if the foundation you start with is not solid. No amount of paint, amenities, or furniture can cover up a faulty foundation. You also need to make sure that you are following all regulations and codes so that you do not run into issues down the road. 


The same can also be said for your website. Coding is a huge part of your SEO and ongoing SEM and serves as the foundation of your entire site. Although it is more of a “backend” aspect, it too must follow certain rules and guidelines as well as structure the hierarchy of your content. Just like your building’s foundation, your website coding has to be just as well thought out and durable for your SEO to thrive.


So, after three episodes in our series, are you starting to see just how similar our world is to yours? Just as you strive for referrals, we strive for link backs; and, just as you would ensure that your community is built on a solid foundation, we work to ensure the coding and backend of a site is safe, secure, and built to last. Check back soon for part four of our series! 

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