Secure Package Placement for Resident Satisfaction

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More and more people are moving towards the world of online shopping, and you are surely starting to notice the number of packages showing up at your multifamily community on the daily. That being said, with more goods being delivered, there are many people eager to take advantage of this by stealing packages. Make your residents feel comfortable with their online shopping by offering secure package placement services. Keep reading for crucial details!


Amazon Lockers

Amazon Lockers are a great option for safety and security. Since many people utilize Amazon anyway, their goods will be placed inside a secured locker. The resident will receive a scannable code to open the locker at their convenience. This way, you don’t have to deal with the packages in your office or any issues with picking them up after hours. Simply visit Amazon’s website to find out how you can get an Amazon Hub Apartment Locker. 


Pick Up in Office

If you have a large office with storage space, you can always offer to collect packages in the office if the resident is not home. Rather than leaving it at the door, the delivery person can bring it to the leasing office if your staff is in and have you hold on to it until the resident stops by. While you don’t necessarily want to increase the number of people handling packages, this is a safer bet than leaving it on the doorstep, especially if you’ve noticed an increase in theft. 


Install More Cameras

When thieves see cameras around your multifamily housing community, they will be less likely to steal packages from front doors. Added security is a great deterrent, even if you don’t have someone constantly monitoring them; the thought of getting caught on camera is enough to reduce the amount of theft in your community. Make sure the cameras are obvious and placed in noticeable spots. 


With the continued shift towards online shopping, it’s essential for your residents to know that their packages will arrive safe and sound. By offering Amazon Lockers, pick up in the office, or more security cameras, you can provide your residents with peace of mind. Do you have any questions about the aforementioned tips? Ask away in the comments below. 

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