Reach More Potential Residents with a Remarketing Campaign

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Do you want to make sure your ads reach people who have already shown interest in your apartment community? You can easily reach people who have visited your apartment’s website by adding Remarketing to your current campaign. This feature helps you follow-up with what could be potential residents, tailoring a message to encourage their return to your site and maybe even to close the deal.

Especially if you are already using Google Analytics, adding Remarketing is simple and can quickly improve the performance of your campaign. All it takes is some additional code, or remarketing tags, on the pages of your apartment site. Visitors will be added to a remarketing list, who will then receive your targeted ads, reaching the right people at that pivotal moment of deciding whether or not to rent from your apartment community.

Through Remarketing, you can set ads to display during online browsing time, during Google searches and even on mobile apps. Strategic Remarketing can help drive sales and promote more online awareness of your apartments for rent. Add Remarketing to your current Google campaigns and start seeing an increase on ROI (Return on Investment), making an important connection with new renters.

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