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Here at ASEO, we recently had the opportunity to talk with Marie Kaplan, founder of Next Level Property Solutions, a solar company powering the multifamily industry. As a leader in her industry, Marie saw an issue that needed addressing and founded a company that provided a solution. Keep reading to discover her answers to some pressing questions!


Were you ever a property manager, and if so, at what point did you decide to switch to this particular field? And why?

“I actually started as a leasing consultant when I was 18.  This industry was good to me and I learned a lot and grew through the ranks.  About six years ago, I started to feel something growing in me that was causing me to think beyond my daily tasks and goals, something gnawing at me to think differently.  The name for the company came to me one day and though I had no clue what Next Level Property Solutions, would or could be, I wrote down the name and put the thought away.  Honestly, I had no clue where those thoughts were taking me until after I decided to follow the call.  I only knew I wanted to service the Multifamily industry making the assets more profitable and streamline processes where possible.”


How has your experience in the multifamily industry shaped your approach and has it helped you or hindered you in any way?


“Having a Multifamily background has only helped.  I am able to work directly with investors and owners in a way that we are able to flow through the process having anticipated all their needs and answering all their questions.”

How long does the installation process take and will it affect residents in any way?

“The longest part of the process is getting the project approved.  Once a contract is signed, it can take 4-6 months on average, of which only about 2-3 weeks is actual on-site construction.  The permitting process is what takes the longest once the project is approved.  

Residents are not affected much at all other than having to change the utilities over to the owner’s name so we can plug in the solar, and we have a team that can assist with that process.”

Do you not recommend transitioning to solar for any properties?

“The property must have available real estate in which to install panels (carports and/or roofs).  We will assess each site free of charge to see if there is appropriate space.”

How long does it typically take to see a return on investment?

“Some projects can see a return within 2-3 years.  We can run a free Level 1 assessment on any site with no obligation to give owners an idea of what their returns would look like.”


We are so honored to have the opportunity to speak with a Multifamily powerhouse that is Marie Kaplan about our industry. If solar seems like a good option for your community, don’t hesitate to reach out. Have any other pressing questions? Share them with us in the comments below!

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