Where’s the first place people go when they want to find a new apartment? Without a doubt, it’s the search bar. Whether it’s the one on Google or Facebook or even Instagram, you can make sure that they will make a snap judgement of what they see. Essentially, this is the first impression your apartment property is making with your city, and the world for that matter. So it goes without saying that social media is a very important bridge of communication between your apartment and any potential residents. Here are 4 more reasons why social media is absolutely critical for growth.

1. Helps your SEO

The more active your followers are on your social media platforms, the better your search ranking will be because of something called social signals which is essentially proof of credibility and community that the Google web crawler will look for once on your website. The better ranking it is, the higher you show on Google and as you might already know, the higher you are on the first page, the more leads that will come your way!

2. Generate leads

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are not only great places to post updates and a photo gallery, but they’re also a great lead generation machine that’s free! The more frequently you post, the less obscurity you have on the digital landscape and the more likely chance that qualified leads will find you. We can’t tell you how many times we get messages on our clients’ Facebook inboxes asking for prices on bedrooms and studios!

3. Builds your community

As we mentioned before, the digital landscape is changing and moving more and more towards relationship marketing which is ultimately building communities around brands. Social media has proven to be an excellent platform for doing just this. The more engaged your followers are on your social media pages, the stronger your community is and the bigger it will eventually get.

4. Builds your brand

As we mentioned previously, social media is one of the first touch points between you and potential residents. Once they see your brand, they make a judgement in seconds as to what they can expect from your property so it is absolutely essential to represent your property as authentically as possible and to highlight the advantages of living there (what makes your property different)!

With all this said, take a moment to make a quick audit of all your social media platforms to evaluate whether you are presenting your property in the best light possible. Here is a great 15 minute guide to doing this and if you’re still having trouble strategizing on the best approach for your social media platforms, feel free to contact one of our social media experts here for an in depth action plan for growing your social media!