Imagine, you just typed “one-bedroom apartment near me” into Google and clicked search. When the results pop up on Google, you are sure to pay attention to the websites towards the top of your screen. We get it, the less scrolling you have to do to get answers, the more likely you are to utilize that source. Google is aware of this user ease experience to the point that they offer Ads that will sit at the top of their page. Although search engine optimization goes a long way in helping you organically get towards the front page of Google, you can pay a fee to bypass that hard work and reach the Ad section with Google Ads. But, if you don’t have a clear and concise understanding of these Ads and how they work, you may be doing your company a disservice and even wasting your own hard-earned money. 


The Google Ads Setup

When setting up an ad for Google, there are many specific factors to keep in mind from targeting and audience to budget and spend. The first things to be considered are the keywords. The keywords are phrases that you want your ad to show up for; so, as an apartment community, you may want to utilize keywords such as “one-bedroom apartment” or “apartment for rent.” You would then build a Google-friendly ad that exemplifies your property and links back to your specific site. A huge aspect of setting up your ad is deciding on your bid/budget. Consider how much you are willing to spend per day to have your ad show up on the front page of Google and enter that amount. But don’t worry, once set up, an ad can be edited based on your analytics and results. 


The Auction

So, when someone searches for something on Google, if there is an AdWords advertising pool, an auction will begin! So, let’s go back to the example of the keyword “one-bedroom apartment.” If someone searches this, Google will then pull your ad and compare it to the many others that have also been submitted. Google will then consider different factors including the quality of your ad and your bid/budget, and display the winner! Of course there are many more intricacies that go into the auction itself, but at face value, the auction happens very quickly and chooses which ads will be displayed based on the ad rank. 


The Results

If set up correctly, Google Ads can go a long way in helping you reach your target audience. With its fast results and unique look, this is a popular route for many companies to take. So, if your site is struggling to rank organically, it may be ideal to get paid results through ads. However, due to the intricacies of Google Ads, it is often best to have a marketing company run them for you to assure that you are getting the most “bid for your buck”! 


So, now that you know a little bit more about Google Ads, let’s get started! Whether this is something new that you want to implement into your own marketing plan or something that you simply want to learn more about, you can turn to your trusted team at ApartmentSEO® to provide you with the answers and results that you need!