DUCKDUCKGO at its core is a privacy search engine focused on privacy, and not collecting users’ data. The mobile browser app and desktop extension were launched in 2008. And by 2013 the platform had reached a major milestone of 1 billion searches; over 43 billion searches in 2020. And in 2021, DUCKDUCKGO went from a .01% Search Engine market share to 0.63%. Although this might seem like a small growth, we see an increasing trend in the desire for privacy. Especially when utilizing popular search engines and browsers. Consider preparing your communities for the upcoming change. Ensure to boast the ability to have visibility on multiple platforms to filter qualified traffic. 

duckduckgo anuual search queries chart


With the coming launch of DUCKDUCKGO’s Privacy Super App in 2022, here are astonishing features you can expect from this new innovation:

  • Email protection- Ducking email trackers in your inbox
  • App Tracking Protection- Extending Privacy to Your Android Apps
  • Private Search- Better Results, Updated Design, Same Privacy.
  • Tracker Blockin-: Extending Blocking to Embedded Facebook Content
  • Mobile App- Burn, Flush, or Blow Private Data Away
  • Desktop App- The Privacy, Speed, and Simplicity of our Mobile App Comes to Desktop

global duckduckgo desktop market share

Find out how you can set DUCKDUCKGO as your default Search Engine at and test it out for yourself!


Take the time to learn about upcoming search technologies and become better prepared for the digital transformation into the want for privacy. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team at  ApartmentSEO® and get your Free Marketing Analysis or Reputation Report Card.