How to Partner with Local Businesses and Competitors

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Did you know that partnering with local businesses and competitors is a great and free way to market your business? We get it; it might seem counterintuitive to promote any service or community other than your own, but when you get down to the nitty-gritty and realize how much you can help each other, this seems like a great idea. Keep reading to discover how you can partner with local businesses and even your competitors. 


Local Businesses

As an apartment community, there are many businesses and companies that go hand in hand with yours. When someone signs a lease agreement with you, they need to get moving boxes, renters insurance, a moving company, a rental van, and so much more. Instead of just letting them figure it out on their own, you could help out another local business by providing new residents with phone numbers, website information, and even coupons. You may be wondering what you would get in return, well that’s entirely up to you! First, decide who you want to partner with and then consider what you can get in return. For example, if there is a Uhaul near your community request a meeting with the manager, then discuss how you can help each other. Perhaps you could provide their flyers in your new resident move-in packet if they send out your information on their monthly newsletter. Whatever you eventually agree on, be sure to make an even deal where you are both mutually benefitting from the relationship. If you wanted to accurately track how many conversions you are receiving from this partnership, you could provide their customers with a coupon code such as UHAUL10 to receive two weeks of free rent upon move-in. This way, you can understand how many prospective residents are being sent your way from the partnership, plus offering them a great deal. 



Now you may be wondering why exactly you would partner with a competitor, and here is why it is a great idea. Your apartment complex isn’t going to be ideal for everyone, just like that of your competitor’s may not be for everyone. So, let’s say someone tours your community looking for a studio apartment, but your apartments start at a two-bedroom. Instead of just turning them away, you can provide them with your competitor’s information and send them in the right direction. Of course, if you have a sister community nearby, you will want to keep prospects within the family, but on the off chance that this is not the case, partnering is your next best option. So, sit down with another local leasing manager and see how you can help each other. You can discuss things that you do and don’t have in common and decide how to cross promote. So, if someone comes to them looking for a two-bedroom apartment and they don’t have any that large, they can send them to you, and you can send them prospects who are looking for studio apartments. By partnering with competitors you are building a trusting relationship with them and can help each other’s business rather than hinder it. 


So now that you know how to partner with local businesses, let’s get started! While our team at ASEO handles your digital marketing needs, work to build lasting relationships that go beyond the screen and into the real world. Have any pressing questions? Share them with us in the comments below. 

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