How to Make Pets Welcome at Your Community

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As a pet-friendly community, you know how important pets are to your residents and their mental health. While many multifamily communities allow pets, there is a vast difference between tolerating pets and welcoming them. Keep reading to find out how you can make pets and their owners feel welcome in your community. 



There’s no better way to show that you care about the pets in your community than by offering animal-centric amenities. Sure, an outdoor patio or park might allow pets, but a dog park is specifically designed with pet owners in mind. When you can boast amenities like a dog park and puppy spa, you set yourself apart from other communities. Remember, pets are their fur babies, and their parents want to feel like they are being welcomed and embraced within the community. 


Pet Waste Stations

While you love having pets in your community, you don’t want to see their droppings. Pet waste stations are a great way to encourage hastily pick up while gently reminding your residents and prospects that you keep their needs in mind. If you have a path around the community, have pet waste stations installed along the sidewalk with doggy bags and trash cans. If your expenses allow for it, you can even have water fountains built at doggy level so that they can stay refreshed as they roam around the community. 


Share the Love

If a furry, friendly face walks by the leasing office, ask the owner if you can snap a picture of their pet and share it on social media. While you often do contests and giveaways for residents, you can do the same for their pets. Have residents share pictures of their four-legged family and tag your property in it for the chance to win a gift card to a pet store. When you include pets in the community-building events, you show that they, too, are welcome! 


If your community allows pets, be sure to step it up to the next level by actively making them feel welcome in your community. The aforementioned tips are just a few ways to show that you are pet-friendly, but there are many other ways to achieve the same goal. Tell us how you welcome pets in the comments below. 


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