How to Leverage Facebook For Apartment Marketing


Facebook has become a very integral part of marketing for apartments, simply because it provides another channel from which to gain leads. Although many apartments have a Facebook page and may be posting, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re using this social platform to its potential, here are 5 ways to leverage Facebook to better market your apartments.

1.Use Facebook 360

Facebook has released a feature that lets you upload a panorama picture that allows for an immersive look into your apartments. This would be great for potential renters because they want to see as much of the apartment they’re considering straight from their phone. Whichever apartment can provide this will be the one who turns leads into leases.

2. Post community photos based on floor-plan

This is another strategy that will help prospects get a sense of what the apartments look like, specifically the ones in their price range. It’s hard enough to have someone come in for a tour, seeing, as we’re all busy, but giving them a virtual tour through photo albums makes the process so much easier for both parties.

3. Promote community events

Use that event button on the left column. You see it there when you login so use it to your advantage. You’ll have more visibility and you’ll be able to have an estimate of who will be attending your events which is always a good thing for any event planner.

4. Use Facebook Ads

One of the most overlooked strategies for maximizing the targeting of your ads is to use the Facebook pixel. What it does is track who comes to your website and creates a lookalike audience based on that information to create a campaign that is hyper-targeted to people who would be most likely to check out your Facebook page and website.

5. Claim your business listing profile

If you haven’t already, here’s the simple 4 step process:

  • Launch the Facebook application on your mobile device or open Facebook on your desktop from your business’ location.
  • Open the navigation grid.
  • Begin typing the name of your business in the “Search Places” field.
  • Enter the name of your business into the “Name” field and confirm.

With so many ways to utilize Facebook for your specific needs, it can be a bit confusing as to which method is best for your community. Let the social media mavens at ApartmentSEO analyze your Facebook and create a tailored strategy to help you grow.

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