Keeping your apartment and community festive and clean takes a lot of determination and may feel like a challenge at times. However, you can create an atmosphere that will keep the morale up and keep your residents smiling every time they come home. And, your residents trust your skills to make your community the best in the area. It’s a big commitment that every property manager should feel delighted to provide. Read on to learn some easy ways to build and keep a festive vibe in your community. Residents can enjoy getting to know their neighbors while being cared for by the management team. Depending on your budget, you can go all out or start with baby steps. However, there is always something you can do to encourage a sense of community during the holidays.

Holiday Cards For Your Residents

This winter wonderland, hand out thoughtful holiday cards to everyone in your community. It is a fun and easy way to show your residents that you appreciate them. We suggest leaving cards on their doors with a fun holiday treat or in a place that works best for your apartment community. If there is a leasing office onsite, you can have residents pick up their cards with delicious snacks attached and add a personal touch. These cards do not have to be extravagant, as long as they are meaningful. 

Host An Open-House Hot Chocolate Bar Event

A scheduled resident event may not work for everyone within the community. If so, it may be better to host an event in an open-house style. You will need to choose an extended time where every resident can stop by and participate; contemplate hosting an ongoing event all day or every day the week of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Ensure your residents know they can stop by at any time during this special event.

This type of event works great for hosting a hot chocolate or coffee bar. It is a fantastic way to get residents to mix and mingle and develop trusting relationships with you as the property manager. It is essential to choose events that are relevant to the season. Most people will be thrilled if they can grab a cup of hot chocolate or coffee on their way to work!

Set Up Regular Events and Contests

Another great way to get residents to interact with community events is to set up regular meets. This will get them into the holiday spirit by socializing with their neighbors! Events can be centered around holidays like Christmas, Kwanza, New Year’s Eve, and possibly the Chinese Lunar New Year. This way, by being as inclusive as possible, everyone can participate. Encourage everyone in the community to come out and have fun at a holiday party or another fun and jolly event.

Using Your Social Network During the Holidays

You can encourage residents to attend fun events or let them in on anything else offered during the holidays through social media platforms. Most communities utilize social media to show all that they provide, anywhere from events, what’s happening on the property, and to highlight the neighborhood and special amenities.  

ApartmentSEO® offers an array of services that can help you keep your property festive and happy throughout the year. Whether we are celebrating the New Year or a fun summer event! Give our team a call for a free consultation today!