Getting reviews for your Apartments on your Google Maps can be a challenge at times. This is why you need a clear cut strategy for attaining as many positive reviews as you can. You can go about this by advising current tenants to leave a review on your Google Places Page.

If they do need help with the process you can always walk them through step by step. Be careful not to leave multiple reviews from the same computer as this is frowned upon by Google. Don’t hurt your Google Maps by performing this and instead gain genuine reviews for your apartments by having them leave a review at their home PC. This will help your Google Maps rank higher in the Place Page section and help bring more trust to your listing.

If you need help with ranking your Apartments Google Maps then call ApartmentSEO®, LLC today! We will help your rank higher in the Google Maps section and increase your call volume. More calls equals more tenants which equals more cash flow!