Any angry review of your apartment community can damage your reputation, but even more, if you respond improperly. To avoid angering potential renters, you will want to prepare if a resident leaves a negative review. 

How you address an angry review is essential. Luckily, we have a few tips to help.

Consistently Deliver Factual, Emotion-Free Responses.

If you read an unfavorable review, you may feel emotionally affected and wish to respond to the individual as if the response was a personal attack. NOT a good idea. If a community resident leaves a scathing review, all answers must be factual and without emotion to avoid further issues. While shading the truth and emotional outbursts may be somewhat satisfying, they will hurt you and the community with other potential renters, more in the long run.

Ensure Reviewers Know Concerns Are Going to Be Addressed

When anyone writes negative reviews, they have a legitimate complaint about some things: with a property feature, a provided service, or even a management practice. The best way to diffuse such situations is to ensure those reviewing know all items will not go unheard. Address them by name, no screen or fake names, and thank them for their feedback, so they know that you have carefully considered their words. Always apologize, even if the issue is not your fault, and be sure to inform them respectfully that such problems are isolated incidents and that you are happy to remedy them quickly.

Meet One-on-One with Dissatisfied Residents

One way to deal with unfavorable reviews is to attempt a face-to-face conversation with that individual or group if the resident is still in the community. Doing so will allow you to demonstrate your interest in their concerns personally and even consider how the reviewer can effectively be remedied. When angry reviewers see your sincerity, they will know you care.

Remember, while angry reviews can damage your community’s reputation, how you respond to them is just as important. Being honest and forthright with dissatisfied persons will help you improve their views and how others see your community. Questions or comments are welcome below.