Headline Writing Advice for Apartment Marketers

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A savvy and catchy headline may be the most important factor in getting a piece of content noticed and shared by readers. Internet users are notorious for having short attention spans and even if you have written the greatest article on the web, it does not mean people will see it or share it.

According to surveys only 1 in 5 people make it past a headline and an even smaller percentage will actually read your article. In 2015 marketers have such a small window to grab a person’s attention that a well-crafted headline is of the utmost importance.

Many sites have resorted to producing click-bait headlines which usually make a shocking or salacious claim that is nowhere to be found in the article. Click-bait headlines might get you some extra traffic, but your website will begin to lose credibility among your potential users and cause more harm than good.

The headlines that grab the most attention and help bring readers into your content use numbers to demonstrate the value of what your post is about. Headlines with “Three ways to” or “Top 5” seem to draw people in and resonate with readers looking to consume and share online content.

Remember headlines are one of the most important aspects of your content marketing plan, but do not trick your potential readers with false headlines. Instead write compelling headlines to improve your click through rates to boost search engine rankings!

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