If you are involved in the search engine optimization world, then you know that Google is constantly changing and evolving. That being said, as a small business, it is imperative that you update your marketing as such, or hire a firm with the knowledge and expertise to do so for you. This year, we have seen many changes in Google’s algorithm and can expect to see more as time progresses; meanwhile, here are some important ranking factors to keep in mind. 


Secured Sites (HTTPS)

If your website has an “s” at the end of the “http” part of your URL, this means that it is secure through encryption, data integrity, and authentication. Not only does this provide potential customers with confidence in you and your website, but it also helps boost your SEO! According to Blue Corona, less than 1% of all websites are secure; however, 40% of Google’s page-one organic search results feature an HTTPS site. So, if your website is not secure, get ahead of the game and do so soon to help your Google ranking and your customer’s trust.



As the number of mobile searchers surpasses the desktop users, it makes sense that Google would favor sites that are mobile friendly. It is best practice to have similar content on your desktop and mobile version of your website as to appease the algorithm in preparation for the release of the mobile first index. 


Page Speed

This one is pretty simple; the faster a Google bot gets to the necessary information, the higher the page will rank. And, with the improvement of technology over time, pages are loading faster and faster, forcing website owners to constantly improve and update their systems to hold a high rank in the organic search results. 


Schema Markup

To put it simply, schemas enable you to embed structured data into your website, making it easier for search engines to interpret your content. For example, by using specific coding that identifies what each item is, the Google bots can quickly scan through your information, helping increase the response time.   


Quality Content

Often said in the SEO world, content is king; and this remains an important factor this year. Not only does solid content writing instill confidence in your customers, but it also helps with your Google ranking. The main focus points in content writing are: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, which should all be exemplified in the work that you produce and publicize. 


Now that you know more about the different factors that will significantly impact your Google ranking this year, be sure to implement them on your own site. If these factors seem a little complicated or perhaps you simply don’t have the time or resources to ensure that these requirements are met, consider reaching out to a marketing firm that can put in the work for you.