What is Google’s Q&A

When you are looking up a place in Google, you’ve might have noticed there is a Q&A section underneath all the general business information in the knowledge panel. The Q&A is a tool that Google uses to help provide more information to possible customers for that business. The Q&A section is there so that people are able to ask any questions they may have about a business. It also gives business owners and others the opportunity to respond to those questions and help potential customers decide if they want to use or visit that business. The Google Q&A is very visible and that means it’s important.

Why Is The Q&A Important

You’ll definitely want to be mindful of the Q&A section as a business owner because it can greatly affect the reputation of your business. One of the reasons this section is so important is because there are a lot of potential customers inquiring about your business. The Q&A section provides possible leads to your business. It’s also important to engage with customers, or anyone asking questions about your business. Responding to people’s questions in the Q&A section not only shows people that you are active in your business, but it also ensures they are getting the correct information.

Things to Look Out For

You’ll want to be adamant about staying on top of the Q&A section of your business on Google. It’s important that you monitor this section because business owners are not the only people who can answer questions about the business. Anyone is allowed to answer and ask questions on Google and sometimes people can put things on there that you might not want. Recently Google has provided the service of allowing notifications when someone has asked a question, making monitoring easy. They also allow you to report questions to Google, the question can possibly be removed if Google deems it necessary.

Google Q&A is a very important tool and when used properly can help your business.