Celebrating the Holidays at Home Safely

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The holidays look a little different this year, but the love and joy remain the same! We have some exciting days ahead of us, and we all can’t wait to celebrate. While there are more safety precautions this year than most, we are here to remind you about the best ways to celebrate safely. Keep reading to find out more!


COVID Precautions

Considering the current pandemic, a large celebration is not recommended. It is best to host your festivities with your immediate household members, whom you have been quarantining with. Although you surely want to celebrate with everyone from grandma to your cousins, it’s best to see them virtually this year for their safety and yours. However, if you plan on seeing loved ones, be sure to start quarantining 14 days before to ensure you don’t spread any illnesses. 


Decoration Safety

If you have transformed your home into a winter wonderland, be sure to take a second look at your safety measures in place. Make sure your tree (both live or fake) is far away from any heat sources since they are highly flammable, and be sure to water it regularly to help prevent it from drying out and causing a fire. Next, check your lights for safety. If you see any frayed wires, broken sockets, or loose connections, replace the entire strand. After that, check all of your electrical outlets and power strips to make sure they are not overloaded and always power down before you go to bed or leave the house. 


Kitchen Safety

The holidays entail an abundance of cooking, which can be fun and delicious! Just be sure you are taking all the safety precautions necessary. While anything is in the oven or cooking, make sure someone is around to keep an eye on it. Even if you plan to run to the mailbox or the car, ask your roommate or family member to monitor while you are gone. If you have small children in your home, ask them to stay out of the kitchen while cooking is happening. With so many moving parts, opening ovens, and hot flames, this can be a recipe for disaster. Lastly, make sure all your food is cooked to the proper temperature before serving. Your family members or roommates would much rather wait an extra few minutes than consume undercooked food and suffer food poisoning. 


Safety is always key when celebrating the holidays! Ensure your loved ones have a safe and happy holiday by keeping the aforementioned tips in mind at all times. Do you have any questions? Share them with us in the comments below. 


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