Do you want to start video blogging for your apartments? You can follow a few simple tips to help you get started right away:

First, would be to keep it simple and be smart. Instead of investing in expensive equipment, use what you already know. Your smartphone is perfectly capable of capturing great footage with a short video. You can invest in a tripod or microphone to ensure the best final product. Also be sure to shoot the video horizonally, rather than vertically.

Now you are ready to begin. Relax and consider the audience you are attempting to reach. Make the best impression by dressing to impress, sticking to solid and bright colors for the best look. Also be sure to keep your eyes focused and keep your hands folded in front of you and still or use them to emphasize a point you are making. Fidgeting can leave a bad impression.

Be yourself: if you are friendly and conversational, your viewers are more likely to respond better. However, remember that you are on camera and may need to do some exaggerating. If you feel like you are pushing your voice and delivery, you may be doing just right. When you start experimenting, always start with more energy as it is easier to tone down later.

Most importantly: Smile!