Better Local Listing Management for Your Multi-Family Locations

Local Listing Management

Be sure to work with the essential “big three”, which include Google, Bing and Yahoo. Do not make the mistake of focusing only on Google, as Yahoo and Bing are also free platforms and can allow for higher rankings through better optimization. It is important to find one content management system when working with multiple platforms to ensure optimal and correct listings for your multi-family locations and increase your local presence.

Once you are squared away with these “big three”, you can focus your efforts on low-cost data aggregators which can include Acxiom, Infogroup and others. These provide helpful backlinks for your local landing pages, but you must ensure to verify the information you provide. Major search engines collect this data and use it for mobile maps, apps and GPS devices.

Helpful information to include: business name, address, telephone, landing page URL, neighborhood information, cities and areas served, apartment logo and images, apartment description, services and amenities, hours, social network URLs, local map URLs, review site URLs.

After pursuing these low-cost data aggregators, you can focus on high-cost local listing management solutions. These can include Yelp, Yext, Facebook and others. The costs are higher, but so is the returned traffic. Automating can make populating, verifying and updating your multi-location apartment listings much easier and ensure better quality results.
Your key focus should be on the essential free listings, different types of information you can share through low and high-cost platforms, and through automation. Managing your apartment listings from one CMS can help reduce your time investment while increasing your rankings. As a result, this can also help increase your local presence and ensure a lower cost per visitor for your multi-location apartment properties.

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