ASEO Case Study for Websites in Aliso Viejo, CA

August 10, 2020 To November 22, 2020

Client’s Story

We had a new client located in Aliso Viejo, CA, who needed us to redesign their website.  There were some challenges with this client as we were already in the middle of the development when the client wanted us to rewrite the content that was on their previous website.  Another challenge was that the client brought in additional people to review the website that had been previously involved with the development. Many edits were made that had been previously approved by the client; this delayed the fulfillment of the website by several weeks. The client seemed a little agitated with the entire process of going back and forth with edits and the delay in fulfillment.  But once the website was approved and launched, the website had great performance results.


The challenges we had were 1. We were advised after we had already started development that we were to rewrite their content and 2. There was a new group of people involved in the middle of development, causing us to make several edits which delayed launching the website.  


ApartmentSEO® will start including the Social Team to the Welcome Call when written content is part of the Website Development. We will set expectations with the client if development will be delayed due to design and content that was not discussed during the welcome call updated. 


Organic Website Traffic

3.69 pages per session

3:24 average sessions duration

22.54% bounce rate